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Medical Device Analysis

Cardiovascular and Ocular Device Consultants


  • Cardiac mechanics
  • Cardiac arrhythmia
  • Heart failure
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Rubber and soft tissue mechanics
  • Tissue-device interaction

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Analytical Capabilities

  • Finite element analysis: high-order elements, curvilinear coordinates
  • Stress analysis: soft tissue, tissue-device interaction, principal stresses
  • Strain measurement and analysis: principal strains, large deformations
  • Large deformation mechanics: finite elasticity; rubber and soft tissue mechanics

Medical Device Design

Need help with your medical device design and testing needs? We help you identify design flaws early and perform the right testing to save time and money. Our team of experts in the fields of cardiovascular, ocular and soft tissue engineering are the best in the world. And, we have deep experience in medicine and business to help assure your product development success!

Prototype Simulation

Want to avoid building useless prototypes at enormous expense? Do you need to test them in animal experiments and preclinical studies? Let Insilicomed perform studies in silico. We can vary both device and tissue parameters in simulations. We can narrow down design parameters and find out how your novel technologies work using realistic simulations. Contact Insilicomed.

Precision Medicine

Insilicomed uses patient-specific simulations to construct libraries of heart disease models. Two inventions are in development (patents pending). Artificial intelligence methods are being used to develop machine-learning algorithms for clinical decision support. And we can use these tools to help you develop your new inventions. Contact Insilicomed for further information.

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