• Insilicomed tests new medical technology using simulations. We perform animal and preclinical tests in silico.
  • We can vary parameters in our computational tests including changing parameters associated with a device and tissue and organ properties.
  • For cardiovascular devices, Insilicomed uses our extensive library of patient-specific computational models to analyze the efficacy of new device designs under wide-ranging conditions typical in heart and cardiovascular disease.
  • Our precision medicine tools allow us to study how your technology behaves as disease conditions vary. Our deep experience in heart failure and all of its complications allows us to mine our databases to identify how devices designed for different purposes behave.
  • Insilicomed helps you avoid constructing ineffective prototypes. You don’t need to build them by trial-and-error costing time and at enormous expense.
  • We help narrow down device design parameters, geometric and material properties, using our realistic simulations.
  • Insilicomed can optimize device designs. And, when you incorporate improvements to your medical devices, we can find out how they work in realistic settings using inexpensive simulations.
  • We can recommend changes in device designs to ensure that they function properly under wide-ranging conditions. Contact Insilicomed for further information.