Partner with Us

Insilicomed is actively seeking strategic partnerships in areas of mutual interest.  Our clinical products under development may provide significant opportunities for companies in the following fields:

Cardiac rhythm management: Insilicomed holds multiple patents that have direct application for all companies that manufacture pacemakers and defibrillators

Cardiac Image Analysis: Insilicomed incorporates echocardiography and high-resolution cardiac CT or MRI images to produce personalized cardiac geometries – one of the key elements of our patient-specific clinical solutions. By integrating our proprietary software and extensive cardiac function database we are able to:

  • Accurately construct detailed heart geometries, either two-chamber or four-chamber
  • Construct realistic simulations of cardiac electrical and mechanical function in heart disease
  • Use cardiac simulations to provide personalized diagnosis, and determine treatment options
  • Map cardiac veins directly onto heart geometries
  • Simulate effects of pacing from specific venous locations, as in cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT)

If you are a provider of cardiac image analysis software, cardiac workstations or high definition diagnostic imaging, we welcome the opportunity to discuss areas of mutual interest in greater detail.

Personalized medicine: as the previous applications indicate, the clinical products under development are designed to apply to each patient in a manner specific to their diseased state; heart failure and its complications vary widely between patients, so that treatments should be custom-tailored

Software development: Insilicomed has the exclusive license from UCSD for the cardiac computational simulation software, Continuity, and a derivative work, ContinuityPro. Before our focus on the development of clinical products, our associates have performed projects for many companies using the software to analyze the interaction between novel medical devices and the heart; this software platform has many potential applications beyond the current clinical products under development

Diagnostics and therapeutics: Insilicomed’s software and patents have many potential applications for improving the diagnosis of heart disease and optimizing treatments

Life science technology: for companies already in the life sciences who are seeking to expand their vision and capabilities, a strategic partnership with Insilicomed may be of mutual interest

Technology companies seeking expansion into life sciences: for technology companies interested in moving into the life science arena, partnering with Insilicomed could be highly beneficial allowing them to take advantage of the experience and expertise of associates at our company.

Associates at Insilicomed will host either virtual or face-to-face meetings with interested parties. Please contact Insilicomed for further details.